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Why Tint Your Car, Home or Office?

Energy Savings and Comfort
Window tinting on homes or offices blocks 79% of the hottest summer's heat and contains up to 19% of your home's heat in winter, meaning energy savings and natural comfort for you, your guests, and your family. Window film typically returns dividends on energy savings, covering the cost of installation over a couple years. Our tint prevents excessive heat and keeps your car cool. It also significantly reduces glare and eyestrain, for both the driver and passengers.

Fade and Wear Reduction
Tinting reduces the damage caused by the sun's powerful ultraviolet rays on carpets, drapes, and upholstery, maintaining the beauty and value of your home, office and automobile.

Shatter-Resistant Protection and Safety
Our tinting prevents the dispersal of dangerous shards of glass when windows are shattered by windstorms, hurricanes, and earthquakes. Burglars are also deterred by shatter-resistant protection, adding substantial value to our product.
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