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Tint Options for Your Car

Performance Tint
Our Best. A superior film offering the highest performance rejecting up to 50% more than standard products. Scratch-resistant in light or medium density. Attractive bronze or smoke tones.

Better Tint
A high quality, scratch-resistant film in medium or light density. In smoke or bronze and also "outrageous" rose, green, blue, or amber.

Good Tint
A traditional film that offers good overall performance. Comes in medium density smoke or bronze tint.

Some Distinguishing Features of Sierra Tint

Climatizes your car on hot days
Your car can feel like a greenhouse during a heat wave. Your air conditioner works harder and drivers and passengers soiled their clothes. Our tint prevents excessive heat and keeps your car cool. It also significantly reduces glare and eyestrain, for both the driver and passengers.

Protects upholstery from sun-fading
The sun's ultraviolet rays cause your car's upholstery and carpeting to fade. Tinting your car blocks out most of the sun's harmful rays, protecting the interior of your car.

Prevents shattered glass from dispersing
Our film keeps shattered glass in place, so dangerous shards don't threaten to cause personal injury or property damage in case of an accident.

Increases security, prevents theft
Our film strengthens glass, making it more difficult for intruders to break into your car. Also, because your belongings and accessories are less visible as a result of tinting, you are less likely to be victimized by theft.

Hot looks - affordable prices
Tinted glass never looked so good, or was so affordable. Designer tints complement your interior and exterior colors, and customize the look of your vehicle.

Scratch-resistance an added layer of protection Our scratch-resistant finish prevents window-scratching from everyday use.
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